Thursday, June 15, 2023

The Chosen One

The Chosen one

 A child is chosen, looking back at my childhood nothing was easy, I did not have fancy clothes or even my own room.  My single mom did her very best to provide food, shelter, lots of prayers and love.  

I was different from my siblings even my peers, but I did not know it. At the age of 5, there were a lot of children and teenagers being attacked by dark enteritis as I stood in the center of it all. There was a man who was well known in the community who would squeeze my cheeks whenever he sees me.  

I was playing in front of my house until it became dark, I looked at a house nearby and the man who likes to squeeze my cheeks was standing near that house. I turned away to tell my mom that the man is here and my mom came out the house to ask where is he. i turned back and pointed in the direction where the man was and I said he was just standing there.  the man was gone and was not there anymore the following day my mother said the man died two weeks ago so it could not have been Mr. cheek squeezer that I saw. As I grew older, I realized that I saw a deceased, dead Ghost.

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